The history of our family-run company began in the 1980s thanks to the founder - progenitor of the Giagnori family, surveyor Ersilio Giagnori. The company has always stood out for its seriousness and consistency in the world of both public and private construction.

Experience and perseverance have led to constant professional growth over time, thanks also to the collaboration with technical and architectural firms able to assist the client in the initial project phase and timely processing of the paperwork.


Our company

The company operates throughout the country and focus our efforts on restoration work, new construction, road works, renovation, maintenance and furnishing in civil, industrial, educational, health and tourist accommodation buildings.


In 2003, the company was taken over by Alessio Giagnori, the founder's eldest son, who inherited the passion for this activity and renewed the company by expanding the working sectors and areas of interest.

In 2011, Luca Giagnori, the founder's youngest son, joined the company. With his creativity and desire to explore new sectors, he has increased the performance of the business.

To date, the Giagnori Costruzioni brand is in constant development. Our aim is to apply new technologies and favour research into materials aimed at saving energy and money.