Cassa Edile Awards 2021

We are pleased to inform you that our company is the winner of the Cassa Edile Awards 2021

The recognition given to us is a thank you from the bilateral system and the Cassa Edile or Edilcassa, which nominated us for our efforts, as well as a tangible sign of respect and correctness of our obligations.

The objective of this prestigious award is to enhance the companies that fight unfair competition by distinguishing themselves for the respect of the rules and national collective agreements.




The Cassa Edile Awards 2021

The purpose of each Cassa Edile is to ensure the application of the national collective construction contract and fair competition between companies, as well as to benefit the worker and his family, with benefits that prioritize support for health, education and training expenses.

The long crisis in the construction sector has led companies to think that being outside the system and resorting to undeclared work is not a disvalue, but a form of survival.

The project was therefore born to create an "ethical system", because being registered with the Cassa Edile is synonymous with "legality", that is, opportunities and guarantees for companies and for the future of workers.

The Cassa Edile Awards is the prize for companies, workers and labour consultants who have distinguished themselves for their virtuous behaviour.